Over 4,000 exhibits to be displayed at Spring Flower Festival 2015
Thứ hai, 09/03/2015, 08:45 SA
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Ho Chi Minh City’s Spring Flower Festival 2015 will open at Cong Truong Quoc Te Street (means International Construction around Turtle Lake-SGGP) in District 3 and Tao Dan Park in District 1 on February 13.


This year’s event themed “Vietnamese characteristics and magnanimity” will feature over 4,000 ornamental plants, bonsai, rock gardens, dried trees, grafted stones, cacti, ornamental fish and various rare flowers.
The event includes musical performances and food fair.
The flower show will also present to the public imitations of the country’s sovereignty landmark made from flowers and fossil shells collected from the archipelago.
The annual festival is a traditional, cultural activity in Ho Chi Minh City. It is held during Lunar New Year, aiming to attract thousands of visitors to the city.

As planned, spring flower festival for Tet will open from February 13-24.



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