New Year meeting with leaders of HCMC and children
Chủ nhật, 05/04/2015, 01:10 SA
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On February 28, HCMC People’s Party – People’s Council – People’s Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee – HCMC met with children on the Lunar New Year 2015. Secretary of HCMC People’s Party Le Thanh Hai and leaders of relevant departments and agencies attended the program.

Over 150 children and Uncle Ho’s good children studying in elementary and junior high schools in HCMC attended the program. These children come from worker and farmer families working in HCMC, families of border guards, navy, some children come from clubs and some from loving shelters in HCMC.

In a warm atmosphere, children have shared their aspirations and proposals related to study and entertainment activities. Many proposals focus on teaching and learning methods. They expressed that they want to have more historical materials    , saying that they want to pay more visits to museums to further understand about revolutionary traditions. They also want more extra-curricular activities, more outdoor playgrounds to broaden their knowledge. One of their proposals is that HCMC needs to pay more attention to poor students or those in suburb areas; the city should create a better environment for these students.

Addressing at the program, Mr. Le Thanh Hai praised a group of children who have been actively studying and eager to participate into social activities. He was touched and expressed his delight at the children’s proposal of more historical materials to understand about national history. Despite of young age, children still pays attention to poor people. Mr. Hai believed and hoped children continue to strive for better study, pay more attention to history of Vietnam and of HCMC to be more proud of revolutionary tradition. Through, children will find out their responsibilities for society, country; bringing into play tradition; joining hands to build the country as Uncle Ho’s wish.

Mr. Hai suggested departments and agencies of HCMC continue to focus on program of taking care of children, especially those in rural and remote areas, creating a better studying environment, paying a focus on creating conditions for children to understand about history, help children have a right and full understanding of national historical tradition.


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