Nearly 24,000 farmers get loans for production development
Chủ nhật, 01/11/2015, 07:35 SA
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(HCM CityWeb)- After over 5 years of implementation of Conclusion 31-KL/TW of the Secretariat of the scheme: “Enhancing role and responsibility of Vietnam Farmers Association I agricultural development, new rural construction and construction of Vietnamese peasantry in period of 2010-2020” in HCMC, The Party Standing Committee has directed HCMC People’s Committee to support Vietnam Farmers Association by the State’s budget (VND 50 billion in 2008, additional VND 40 billion in 2014), raising total fund for Vietnam Farmers Association to VND 110 billion.

From this fund, HCMC has supported 23,959 farmers to get loans for production, creating regular jobs and bringing practical benefits for farmers. Mobilization of annual capital source for farmers surpassed the target assigned by Central of Vietnam Farmers’ Union, this helps farmers get out of poverty and have more favorable conditions for production development, increase their income. It is also a channel of providing capital for farmers to restructure their crops and livestock under the common instructions of HCMC.

In addition, HCMC Farmers Union has actively co-ordinated with Vietnam Bank for Social Policy-HCMC to offer loans to poor farmers, solving jobs, providing clean water and ensuring environment sanitation, etc. A total 56,844 farmers has got loans with total capital of VND 648.4 billion. On annual average, Vietnam Bank for Social Policy-HCMC offer loans of VND 480 billion, strengthening coordination with other banks to help farmers access capital for production.




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