Mr. Le Hoang Quan received Managing Director of Gazprom International
Thứ tư, 25/11/2015, 01:55 SA
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On October 20, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan received Mr. Valery Gulev – Managing Director of Gazprom International (Russia) on establishment of a joint venture company producing engines fueled by natural gas in Vietnam, Mr. Valery Gulev also announced the progress of gas and petroleum co-operation projects between Vietnam and Russia.

Mr. Valery Gulev said Gazprom International has been operating in Vietnam for 14 years, it has established a joint venture company with Petrovietnam worth US$ 1 billion to produce engines fueled by natural gas. Gazprom International has established a representative office in HCMC to promote comprehensive strategic partnership relation between Vietnam and Russia. He expressed his hope that authority of HCMC will create favorable conditions for its office in HCMC to boost production capacity of the projects.


Mr. Le Hoang Quan highly valued the co-operation projects between Vietnam and Russia, these contributed to the good co-operation relationship between both countries. He also welcomed Gazprom International to strengthen its investment in Vietnam and establish a rep office in HCMC.


Mr. Quan affirmed that HCMC always support co-operation of Gazprom International with Petrovietnam, especially the project of production of engines fueled by natural gas because it is suitable with current development trend. HCMC is also expecting to invest in express bus system run by liquefied gas to solve traffic issue of HCMC.





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