Mr. Dinh La Thang: putting higher desire for HCMC’s development
Thứ ba, 10/05/2016, 01:55 SA
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At the conclusion of the 4th session of 10th HCMC Party’s Executive Committee on March 27, Mr. Dinh La Thang, Member of Politburo, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee admitted: “HCMC used to be a pearl of Far East and inspired by many other cities in the region. However, we have been much lagged behind. The city still remains the number 1 position of the whole country in term of budget contribution and some other criteria but we are still facing many issues such as criminals, traffic jam, flooding, etc.

According to Mr. Thang, HCMC cannot satisfy with achieved results of a slight growth each year but need to set up a higher desire, bring into play full potential of the city. “We must always think that Saigon – HCMC used to be No 1 city in the region, we must strive to get back this position”, added Mr. Thang. He requested each personnel, member of the HCMC Party to change their mind and awareness to pursuit the desire of HCMC.

He mentioned that the groups of tasks and solutions set out by HCMC in 2016 are not enough; the city needs to fully exploit the Resolution 16 of the Politburo on orientations, mis-sions of HCMC till 2020. The city must lay out specific breakthrough mechanisms to develop in the coming time.

According to Mr. Thang, HCMC cannot wear the same shirt as other remote localities do. Therefore, in order to develop and contribute more to the whole country, the city must and will continue to pursuit construction of model of urban authority with many open policies to push up the development of the city. “HCMC must become a special economic zone instead of construction of many specialized economic zones. The city must have specific mechanisms to build up inter-region connections. By doing so, we can develop stronger”, said Mr. Thang.

He added that HCMC needs to build its own governance mechanisms, instead of copying from other cities or provinces; the city should study and find out the positive aspects of other modern cities in the world. In addition, the city must pursuit and construct  new governance mechanisms, removing the ask-give mechanism or harassment, making transparency, trans-ferring public administrative apparatus to the one that serve people and enterprises uncondi-tionally. Of which, the city must urgently build up electronic authority, limit direct contacts be-tween public organs with people and enterprises to eliminate bureaucracy.

Regarding to administrative reform, he suggested relevant organs to build up an administra-tion for the people, establish hot lines to solve urgent matters and aspiration of people. He also requested other agencies must provide information to the media and people transparently and publicly.

Regarding to request of constructing HCMC a modern-civilized-sentimental city with better living quality, he said the prerequisite condition for HCMC is to ensure social order and security, reducing widespread crimes. Social order and security need to be strengthened, improve fight against crimes, uphold responsibility of local forces, carry out synchronously urgent and long-term solutions.

Food safety and hygiene is one of the pressing issues, he suggested leaders of HCMC People’s Committee to establish a special unit under HCMC People’s Committee or in other forms to strictly inspect this problem. He requested leaders of HCMC People’s Committee and relevant agencies to strictly and closely manage purchase and sales of chemicals, slaughterhouses, farming, etc. especially the city should improve the spirit of responsibility, public service morality of inspection team, etc.

“We cannot accept that local people eat poor quality food in such as big city like HCMC. Even that local people cannot distinguish toxic, poor quality food from clean one. This is our mission. We have to import modern machinery to solve this problem for local people. We practice thrift but ensure that local people eat clean and drink clean”, added Mr. Thang




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