More than 82,000 books sold at book street festival
Thứ tư, 25/03/2015, 09:35 SA
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After seven- days opening in Ham Nghi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Book Street festival attracted thousands of domestic and foreign readers.


According to the latest updates of the organizational board, 82,434 books were sold with total revenue of VND 4,505 billion, an increase of 32,5 percent in comparison with last year.
At the book festival, the bestselling books are book series of Vietnam's Sea Islands and sovereignty. Besides, other book names of Publishing Houses like Youth, Phuong Nam and Nha Nam attracted many readers. 
The highlight of the Book Street festival was displaying books, images and ancient documents on Vietnam's sea and islands sovereignty.
This year’s book street festival under theme  'Vietnamese Spirit and Identity' was appreciated about content as well as decoration.
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