More than 120,000 people attend the 40-year-old Thanh Da Summer Camp
Thứ ba, 28/08/2018, 06:30 SA
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July 20, HCMC Federation of Labour organized a get-together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Thanh Da Summer Camp.

Established in 1979, Thanh Da Summer Camp is organized for workers, public servants and laborers. To make it more attractive, HCMC Federation of Labour has actively coordinated with Communist Youth Union of HCMC on a yearly basis to organize Thanh Da Summer Camp with new activities for the city’s children.

All activities aim to educate children social skills, ethical lessons, lifestyles, etc. to make them more confident, to build spirit of solidarity. Besides, these activities are closely accompanied historical events, cultural traditions. By participating into the Summer Camp will help children to expand their social-cultural knowledge and to become good persons.

The Thanh Da Summer Camp has so far received 120, 800 workers, public servant, laborers, including 5,300 children in 7 summer camp activities in 2018 alone.


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