Mobilizing Vietnamese overseas to contribute to the development of HCMC
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:30 SA
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On January 21, Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem attended 2014 year end summation ceremony and implementation of missions in 2015 of the HCMC Committee for Vietnamese Overseas.

In 2014, HCMC Committee for Vietnamese overseas has done a good job as a linking bridge for functional organs, localities and media through providing information about policies, laws related to Vietnamese overseas and their relatives, organizing specific activities for Vietnamese overseas.

Functional organs have made lots of improvements of professional qualification, administrative procedures, serving people and Vietnamese overseas with the whole-hearted manner. HCMC Committee for Vietnamese overseas has actively provided information about policies for Vietnamese overseas with a thoughtful attitude. In 2014, there were 757,000 Vietnamese overseas coming back Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat International Airport, nearly 881,500 Vietnamese overseas applied for temporary residence in HCMC, 309 repatriated Vietnamese overseas, a decrease of 46 cases compared to 2013.

In term of attraction and promotion of Vietnamese overseas resources, HCMC Committee for Vietnamese overseas has actively coordinated with relevant organs to host get together, seminars, etc, on purpose of linking Vietnamese overseas with individuals, units, localities domestically and abroad. According to statistics of the State Bank of Vietnam, HCMC branch, the amount of Overseas National Currency Exchange in HCMC reached US$ 5 billion, up 4,2% to 2012. This amount was about US$ 96.66 billion from 1993 to 2014. The overseas national currency exchange to Vietnam remains a high growth speed in many consecutive years, except for 1997 and 2009 due to financial crisis.

In the past years, HCMC Committee for Vietnamese Overseas has mobilized and supported Vietnamese overseas to participate into social and charity activities such as co-operation with Arebco to grant 224 scholarships to students and pupils with total amount of VND 381 million, construction of 02 houses of gratitude in Cu Chi and Binh Chanh districts, construction of 19 concrete bridges replacing primitive bridges in the Mekong delta area worth VND 3 billion.

In  2015, HCMC Committee for Vietnamese overseas will continue to enhance quality and efficiency of information propaganda via online websites, updating and providing information on socio-economic development, policies of the Party, State to organization, Vietnamese overseas and relatives, etc, hosting get together with Vietnamese overseas intellectuals doing research and training activities, mobilizing Vietnamese overseas intellectuals to offer suggestions to work out breakthrough programs of HCMC for development and construction of HCMC.


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