Mitsubishi Corp is willing to support HCMC in waste - to - energy project
Thứ ba, 12/06/2018, 04:30 SA
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On Nov 7, Standing Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem received mr. Ken Kawai, Executive Vice Chairman of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Japan.

At the reception, Mr. Ken Kawai said MHI wants to help solve challenges faced by HCMC such as construction of waste treatment plant, turning waste into energy. He said that MHI with strengths of modern technology and over 40 years of experience of a mutlti-disciplinary corporation in turning waste into energy, is willing to support HCMC from project preparation, construction, operation, maintenance to technology transfer under form of PPP.

For his part, Mr. Le Thanh Liem thanked for MHI’s willingness and special attention to projects of HCMC, saying that the city is willing to expand cooperation with MHI in fields of urban infrastructure, waste treatment – a big challenge for the city in the process of urban development. Mr. Liem suggested that MHI and functional organs of HCMC need quickly to work, exchange information and to work out specific proposals. Both sides neeed to spend time on coordinating and doing research on specific measures based on practical situations.


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