Master plan for concentrated IT Park till 2020 and vision to 2025
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On 31 December 2014, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has signed Decision No 2407/ 2407/QĐ-TTg approving Mater plan for development of concentrated information technology (IT) park s by 2020 and vision to 2025

As the master plan, development of concentrated IT parks will be an important prerequisite for development of Vietnam IT industry, bringing Vietnam to the list of strongly developed IT and telecommunications countries; choosing localities with advantages of transport, telecommunications and IT infrastructure, IT human resource, level of IT application and development.


The master plan aims to build a number of concentrated IT parks in cities and provinces with conditions in accordance with regulations, especially capital source to carry out construction of concentrated IT infrastructure (from budget of local governments and from enterprises); constructing 02-03 concentrated IT parks in each city including Hanoi, Da Nang, HCMC.


To achieve the above target, the master plan works out 6 millions and solutions:


Firstly, continue to performing, supplementing legal documents, policies, mechanism for concentrated IT parks, especially incentive policies, implementing seriously regulations, policies and mechanisms concerning concentrated IT parks.


Secondly, encouraging social resources, foreign investment capital participating into construction and development of concentrated IT parks, especially technical infrastructure inside IT parks in accordance with regulations.


Thirdly, encouraging investment in development research in concentrated IT parks, strengthening exchanges, connectivity of production and research between concentrated IT parks and training or research institutes. Construction and development of connection networks between concentrated IT parks with universities, research institutes, enterprises and State owned agencies in IT sector to share information, knowledge between training units, search institutes and businesses.


Fourthly, doing research on construction of mechanisms allowing establishment of venture capital funds to support incubation and activities of new enterprises in concentrated IT parks. Selection, implementation of investment in nursery gardens at concentrated IT parks, research and development specific products, application of IT in operations of State-owned agencies and enterprises.


Fifthly, supporting and encouraging agencies and units to train human resource at concentrated IT parks, offering training programs, linking with the world’s prestigious IT training organizations to develop high quality human resource in concentrated IT parks.


Finally, strengthening promotion of brand names, image of concentrated IT parks in Vietnam as well as brand names of IT and Communication of Vietnam to attract investment from domestic and international IT firms, especially multi-national firms.


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