Many opportunities to be supplier for US enterprises
Thứ ba, 29/12/2015, 03:20 SA
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On November 18, Amcham Vietnam – HCMC branch hosted the 2nd Supplier Day at New World Hotel, District 1, HCMC

The 2nd Supplier Day attracted 14 manufacturing members of Amcham Vietnam that are expanding the list of qualified local suppliers in Vietnam in fields packaging, electronic products, cutting machines, stamping, molding, freight forwarding, goods distribution, CNC measuring, plastic, metal, tape. Over 30 local enterprises participating into the Supplier Day with a hope to expand their supplying market to members of Amcham Vietnam and to go globally through factory system of manufacturing members.

At the Supplier Day, local suppliers exchanged, met and directly discussed with prestigious manufacturing members of Amcham Vietnam to showcase their capability, products and services, to collect information of market demand as well as necessary requirements to become suppliers for global enterprises.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Manufacturing Committee of Amcham Vietnam said the 1st Supplier Day in 2014 received very good feedback from business community. In 2015, Amcham Vietnam continues to organize the 2nd Supplier Day to contribute more to the development process of supporting industries of HCMC in particular and of Vietnam in general, to enhance competitiveness of manufacturing members of Amcham Vietnam.



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