Making HCMC a worth living city
Thứ ba, 10/05/2016, 01:50 SA
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HCMC’s youth need to offer suggestions to make HCMC the most worth living city in the region. It is expressed by member of Politburo, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee at the 85th anniversary of foundation of HCMC Communist Youth Union organized on March 25.

Mr. Thang stressed that the future of the country and of the city belongs to young people. As an economic and cultural centre of the whole country, HCMC plays an important role of creating momentum, resources for a strong development of the Southern area. He said this task belongs to HCMC’s youth. Therefore, generations of youth must be ready for ceaselessly striving anywhere, at any time, to be the decisive factors for the development of HCMC. Work done by HCMC’s youth has affirmed their leading role of “youth always present where they are needed”.  He said that young people must always be hard working, creative, keep studying, accessing to scientific and technical advances to make HCMC the most worth living place in the region.

He added that HCMC’s youth needs to participate into the 7 breakthrough programs of HCMC, considering it as a key task in the long run. He suggested young people to actively offer suggestions and their own programs for the city.

Following traditions of previous generations of youth, members of union and generations of youth of HCMC are very creative, they always participate into movements of the city with practical contributions to the construction and development of the city. Many movements of youth unions have been widespread the country including “Green Summer” campaign, “three-good student” movement now becomes “the five-good student” movement nationwide.

On this occasion, Party Committee has awarded the commendation flag with the words of HCMC youth to train their morality, physical strength, to be creative, to build HCMC a mod-ern-civilized-sentimental city with better living quality’’. Many individuals and groups are awarded Certificates of Merits from the State.

HCMC Communist Youth Union has awarded the Ho Hao Hon prize to 6 groups of members of the union in recognition of their new initiatives and research topics on youth works, making contributions to the development of the union.




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