Lotus bud shaped logo of HCMC’s Metro line
Chủ nhật, 01/11/2015, 07:45 SA
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(HCM CityWeb)- On September 11, Management Board HCMC Urban Railway announced the results of the competition of designing logo for the urban railway of HCMC. The logo of the first prize will be used in billboards, signboards of urban railway routs in HCMC after approved by HCMC People’s Committee.

In term of meaning, the logo is inspired by the shape of lotus bud, a flower that symbols for the country and Vietnamese people. The logo includes strong contours combined with letter M (Metro) representing softness of lotus petals, the sustainability and the size of transportation projects in HCMC. 

The logo also represents a desire of HCMC’s authorities and people about modern and widespread traffic routes, solving the overload of current traffic network of HCMC, making HCMC a more civilized, modern and developed city.

HCMC is considered as an economic driving force of Vietnam, a dynamic city and pioneer in economic-cultural-social activities. Therefore, the colors used in the logo are very bright, playful and energetic. The fresh green represents a message of green traffic system, causing not bad impacts on environment, the bright yellow represents for the sun which brings hope of promising future from Metro line system.



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