Listening to youth, removing difficulties
Thứ ba, 10/05/2016, 01:40 SA
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Mechanisms- capital for business start-up, quality of meal-shelter-daily lives of workers, conditions for youth to integrate, how to master science and technology, how to make urban traffic safer, etc. are hot issues submitted to Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Dinh La Thang at the meeting between leaders of HCMC and youth union members on March 20.

Concerns of HCMC’s development

Dr. Tran Huu Loc (HCMC University of Agriculture and Forestry) questioned why there are many international corporations with low starting points, less capital, etc. in the world but they become “USD billion corporations” after over 10 years of operation. Meanwhile, in Vi-etnam, there are many large-scaled corporations with highly-educated human resource but create less economic value.

According to him, to solve this, HCMC needs to support enterprises in terms of capital, legal framework, tax, etc. For scientists, they have to mobilize, practice and turn intelligence into product with high competitiveness. “At first, HCMC should establish many technology incubators and parks for scientists, especially young scientists, to research”, said Mr. Loc.

Ms. Thuong My An (Director of tourism company in HCMC) said tourism sector is a big con-tributor to economic development, HCMC is the driving force of economic development of the whole country but tourism is not developed as expected. She suggested that HCMC should establish a special unit with a focus on assessing tourism quality and introducing tourist sites of HCMC to international visitors. In addition, according to her, HCMC needs to upgrade, newly build more attractive tourism projects

Mr. Truong Tan Phong, (owner of a breeding farm in Cu Chi) expressed his concern that one of the conditions for issuing license is that it must be far away from residential areas, but the problem is that land located far away from residential areas is not residential land. This is a big barrier for breeding farms.

Fully solve practical proposals
Regarding to question of Mr. Truong Tan Phong, Secretary Dinh La Thang requested Director of HCMC Department of Agriculture and Rural Development addressed the issue but its leader was absent from the meeting. Instead, a representative of HCMC Department of Interior Nguyen Minh Hoang quoted many circulars and decrees but not directly dealt with the issue. Mr. Dinh La Thang added: “You should directly address the issue raised by people and enterprises, do not quote this circular or that decree, they cannot catch it”. He stressed ‘The dialogue with young union members just takes place once a year, all must join this dialogue even including Secretary of HCMC Party Committee, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee, Chairperson of HCMC People’s Council, but Director of Agriculture and Rural Development did not participate. This attitude is irresponsible”.

Regarding to question of offering mechanism of budget autonomy to HCMC Tourism Promo-tion Center, Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Van Khoa said: “I agree with this solution but the center must ensure the budget autonomy or even earn extra money when HCMC becomes a tourism hub. Mr. Thang added: “Policy has been launched. When will you do?”. “Till end of 2016”, answered Mr. Khoa. Mr. Thang concluded: “why should we delay it till 2016, we should do it now”.

Regarding to proposals on hospital smart queue system and online bus ticket booking ser-vice, etc. Mr. Dinh La Thang requested Deputy Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Thu and Director of HCMC Department of Transport Bui Xuan Cuong to give their email addresses and phone numbers so that youth union members and scientists can contact and discuss in the future.



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