Listening and exchanging program: proud to be people of HCMC
Chủ nhật, 08/11/2015, 02:50 SA
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On October 4, HCMC People’s Council coordinated with HCMC Television to organize the program: “listening & exchanging” in October themed “proud to be people of HCMC”. Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam chaired the program.

At the program, delegates expressed their pride that they are citizens of HCMC. Mr. Pham Chanh Truc, former deputy Chairman of Central Economic Commission, reviewed difficult moments of HCMC after national reunification day, saying that he was proud to be a citizen of HCMC – a city that always pioneers in renewing leadership thought of the Party and the State, transiting from State subsidy mechanism to socialist oriented market economy.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai Thanh, Chairwoman cum CEO of Ree Corp said without determination of HCMC, it was unlikely to have innovative solutions and policies in 1986 to solve difficulties of the economy after liberation day. These innovative policies themselves brought a new vitality to the economy and business community, a fresh air that acknowledged the existence of equality, legality of a variety of economic types. The launch of business law helped economic components participate into building the country. Mrs. Thanh said she is proud of contributing a small part to the process of development of HCMC.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong, former Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam, former Director of Tu Du Hospital recalled the early days after liberation, the authorities delivered every rice can and milk carton to local people and children. In health sector, HCMC was a pioneer in constructing heart institute, health worker training center, etc. People of HCMC are very dynamic, creative and patriotic. She told: “In 1988, Tu Du Hospital has successfully carried out the separation surgery for a twin namely Viet-Duc. A day after the surgery, lots of people of HCMC contributed rice, cash, milk, etc, to the twin.  People of HCMC is very sentimental, leaders of HCMC are always a pride of every citizen of HCMC”.

Mrs. Du Hue Lien, Head of Chinese Group in Ward 11, District 5 shared: “, when watching TV, I have seen many bridges and new projects built, I wonder what the city is and how beautiful it is. I only recognized HCMC till I saw Ben Thanh market. Although I was not born here but I am proud of living in HCMC.

At the program, delegates also expressed their concerns on challenges of HCMC such as flooding, traffic jam, traffic accident, quality of education and health, administrative reform, etc. They expressed their hope that leaders of the Central Committee and of HCMC issue timely solutions for the above problems soon.

Studying experience from predecessors
Speaking at the program, Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Tat Thanh Cang expressed his pride to be a citizen of HCMC, saying that all cadres and personnel of HCMC always have a sense of responsibility to the Party, People. In order to meet the demand of HCMC that the city must be at the same level with other cities in the region and the world, leaders of HCMC should study precious lessons and experience of predecessors such as respecting people, staying close to people, being proactive in setting up mechanisms and policies, timely proposing to the Central Committee as well as supplementing suitable policies in the process of composing regulations, building a wholehearted, dynamic and creative team of personnel that fully be aware of policies, directions of the Party, resolutions of HCMC People’s Council and of the People’s Committee.

According to Mr. Cang, from experience of predecessors, HCMC will apply it in practical situations in line with development trends of the world. The city will try its best to mobilize the strength of people, political system, ensuring social security, reducing poverty, developing new rural areas, protecting national security, building HCMC a civilized, sentimental city. In addition, Mr. Cang added HCMC must engage in thrifty practice and use the State’s budget effectively, boosting agricultural production, making science and technology a driving force, focusing on administrative reform, applying IT in management, etc. 

In conclusion, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam said HCMC is always supported by the Central Government and Politburo, with the timely guidance of the Central Government and Politburo plus dynamic and creative spirit of HCMC will bring HCMC to a new height, making HCMC a civilized, modern, sentimental city of the whole country.


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