Leaders of HCMC visit families of medical staff on Vietnam Doctor’s Day
Chủ nhật, 05/04/2015, 08:50 SA
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On February 25, a delegation of HCMC led Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Le Thanh Hai paid a visit to families of senior medical staff on the 60th anniversary of Vietnam Doctor’s Day (February 27,1955 – February 27, 2015).

In a visit to late Professor-Dr Nguyen Thien Thanh –former director of Thong Nhat Hospital, on behalf of HCMC Party Committee, People’s Council, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of HCMC, Mr. Le Thanh Hai expressed his gratitude for significant contributions of Pr Nguyen Thien Thanh to the health sector. Mr. Hai also stressed that Pr Nguyen Thien Thanh is a exemplary communist soldier who devoted his whole life for the nation and a shining example of health sector forever. Mr. Hai kindly wished family of Pr. Nguyen Thien Thanh good health and happiness



At the family of late Dr. Duong Quang Trung, Hero of Labor, People’s doctor, former director of HCMC Department of Health, Mr. Hai expressed his deep gratitude for dedication of late Dr. Duong Quang Trung for health sector.

Mr. Hai noted that late Dr. Duong Quang Trung has devoted his health career for patients and recorded big impression in the development of health sector. Mr. Hai emphasized that Dr. Trung’s talent and medical ethic is a good model for generations of doctors to follow. He wished Dr. Trung’s family and relatives good health and continues to follow good model of Dr. Trung to devote for the country.

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