Launching first green school model
Thứ ba, 10/03/2015, 07:15 SA
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On February 4, HCMC Department of Science and Technology and Luong The Vinh Primary School officially launched a model of green school

The model of green school includes 3 rooms equipped with LED lighting technology; a solar powered water heater, a rain water harvesting filter supplying clean water for the school. A solar powered cell system connected with 2kwp electricity network to equipment such as electricity fans, refrigerators, air-conditioners, Tvs

Luong The Vinh primary school is the first model of green school in Vietnam, a sample of education and energy saving for school system in HCMC. HCMC People’s Committee is reviewing and approving the projects of expanding this model to 6-8 schools/year.

According to statistics of HCMC energy saving Center, households an schools use 40% of total of energy consumption. It is one of important tasks of HCMC to raise awareness of energy saving in schools.


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