IT park chalks development plan
Thứ ba, 28/04/2015, 03:05 SA
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The Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) this year will focus on improving services and upgrading its grounds in an aim to have a greener and cleaner working environment, and attract more investment, its deputy director has said.

The QTSC plans to upgrade its internal road system and entertainment and catering services to create an ideal workplace, Lam Nguyen Hai Long said at a ceremony held last week to mark its 14th anniversary.

It will also improve services and offer conveniences to companies that lease space at the software city, and expand telecommunication services for State-owned corporations.

This year, it will look for an appropriate site for the construction of the QTSC 2 and prepare to build a QTSC in Da Lat.

The QTSC, in collaboration with 14 companies and organisations, will organise the first Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference in October in Ho Chi Minh City to promote the outsourcing services of local enterprises and attract foreign investment.

The conference will provide a good opportunity for outsourcing companies in the QTSC to seek collaboration with local and foreign partners, he said.

Long said the QTSC sought to attract at least one of the world's leading information technology firms on the list of PwC Global Top 100 Companies, and one to two other tenants in 2015.

In addition, it will hold promotion programmes in other ASEAN countries.

Some 119 IT firms are operating in the park, Long said, adding that there would be 120-125 firms by the end of the year.

The total revenue of IT companies in the park last year reached 173.08 million USD, a year-on-year increase of 26.4 percent, with software exports going up by 38.9 percent to top 98.44 million USD, he said.



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