International conference on smart city
Thứ hai, 14/12/2015, 03:15 SA
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On November 12, the 3rd annually international conference was opened at Saigon Hi-tech Park Training Center, District 9, HCMC, with a theme: “Internet of Things (IoT) application for smart city and quality of life”. Attending the conference include Permanent Vice Secretary of HCMC Party’s Committee Vo Van Thuong, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh, experts, investors, enterprises, domestic and international managers, etc.

Speaking at the conference, Dr. Le Hoai Quoc, Head of Management Board of Saigon HI-tech Park (SHTP) said the conference provides an opportunity for experts, domestic and international managers to update the world’s latest trends and achievements related to hi-tech development to apply in reality, to contribute to creation of effective connection environment between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and experts, experts and experts, to share and to promote co-operation in fields of science, technology, production, trade. 

Mr. Vo Van Thuong highly valued theme of the 3rd annually international conference of SHTP, saying that the conference could help HCMC work out a development direction of a modern, civilized, sentimental city with high quality of life, making HCMC one of the largest economic-financial-trade-scientific-technology centers of Southeast Asia region.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong added that one of the key missions of HCMC is to apply science and technology, innovation, considering these as a driving force for future development. He expressed his hope that useful and scientific ideas from experts at the conference will contribute to the target of building HCMC a modern one with high quality of life.  

He also hoped that experts shared their experiences of improving quality of growth and economic competitiveness of HCMC, promoting development of science and technology, especially information technology, to enhance efficiency of solving thorny issues of HCMC such as traffic jam, flooding, pollution, administrative reform, etc. According to Mr. Thuong, HCMC has now focused on attracting high quality human resource, training and providing international quality human resource, promoting renewal of technology and developing scientific and technology market. Each idea of making HCMC a modern, civilized and sentimental city will be carefully listened and respected.  



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