Improving quality and efficiency of legal support services
Thứ ba, 10/05/2016, 01:55 SA
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On March 25, HCMC People’s Committee organized a summation ceremony of legal support program for enterprises in 2012-2015. Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem attended the ceremony.

Deputy Director of HCMC Department of Justice Tran Van Bay said after 4 years of imple-menting the program, HCMC has put into use  a database of legal documents issued by People’s Council and People’s Committee since 1975 via electronic website of HCMC, providing legal documents and related information free of charge to everyone in need.

Propaganda of legal knowledge has been implemented with many practical contents. Typically, the category of “citizen and law”, the program of “10 minutes receiving citizens” on HCMC Television, the programs of “questions and answers on law”, “answering listeners’ mail”, “law story” of The Voice of Vietnam.

Dialogue system between enterprises and HCMC’s authority has had positive impacts on administrative reform, helping enterprises quickly access to electronic administration, timely removing obstacles in the manufacturing process, strengthening connection between States owned organs and enterprises.

A total 42 State owned organs have joined in the system’s electronic website, of which In-vestment and Trade Promotion of HCMC plays the role of head of management, 39 depart-ments –Agencies under HCMC People’s Committee and two organs under the Central Gov-ernment are responsible for answering questions for enterprises.

As a result, Mr. Bay said in the period of 2012-2015, HCMC Department of Planning and In-vestment has organized 19 courses of business start-up, 76 courses of business administra-tion with 2,598 learners. In the last 4 years, WTO Integration Support Center has helped many coaching classes on legal skills on global economic integration. Till January 15 2016, the portal on global economic integration www.hoinhap.org.vn has attracted 2, 2 million ac-cesses.

Legal support – a key task

Mr. Le Thanh Liem highly valued achieved results of the program, saying that the program is very useful for enterprises, help prevent legal risks and strengthen competitiveness for enter-prises.

He added that legal support still remains some limitations such as underestimate of impor-tance and role of legal support, limited awareness of laws on manufacturing and business activities

In order to further enhance quality and efficiency of legal support, in the coming time, he said HCMC will propose Ministry of Justice to solve some contents out of HCMC’s jurisdiction. He suggested a strong leadership on legal support from departments-agencies-districts for enterprises.

He requested relevant organs to coordinate with Investment and Trade Promotion Center of HCMC to play the role of member of the Dialogue System between enterprises and authori-ties; frequently check, inspect legal documents, complete legal database to serve enterprises.

HCMC Department of Justice advises HCMC People’s Committee to implement legal support for enterprises, doing research and construction of legal support program in 2016-2020 ac-companied with solutions for socio-economic development of HCMC.

Mr. Liem suggested leaders of enterprises highly attached importance to legal work, applying the model of using specialized personnel on legal work to get the latest updates of legal doc-uments related to manufacturing and business activities in the coming time.

At the ceremony, HCMC People’s Committee has granted Certificates of Merit to 4 groups, 5 individuals for their outstanding achievements in the work of legal support for enterprises in the past time.




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