Ho Chi Minh City’s CPI falls slightly in November
Thứ tư, 24/12/2014, 09:20 SA
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Ho Chi Minh City’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) declined 0.36 percent in November, said the municipal Statistics Office (GSO) on November 22.

According to the Office, a fall was recorded in three groups and services in the CPI basket with transport services down by 2.98 percent due to continuous declines in petroleum price; housing, electricity, water and building materials down by 1.12 percent; and other goods and services, down by 0.08 percent.

In addition, a slight decrease was recorded in the group of restaurants and catering services due to big sale promotions launched by many shopping malls in the city.

Meanwhile, the group of educational, post and telecommunication goods and services remained stable while other commodities saw a slight increase in their prices such as garment, headwear, footwear, home appliances and beverages and tobacco.

The price of US dollar increased by 0.22 percent; whereas the gold price slid 1.14 percent compared to the previous month.



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