HCMC Trade Union takes care and protects legal rights and benefits for laborers
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:30 SA
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On January 25, HCMC Confederation of Labor organized summation ceremony of worker movements, officials, laborers and activities of HCMC Trade Union in 2014.

In 2014, HCMC Trade Union has achieved a significant progress of mobilizing 81% enterprises to work out democratic regulations, a number of collective labor agreements enjoying a 14% increase compared to 2013, encouraging enterprises to add contents above the law which are beneficial for laborers. Emulation movement of “Skilled laborer, creative laborer”, has attracted over 8.400 scientific research documents and technical innovation initiatives with total investment capital of VND 1000 billion. 150,000 workers, officers and poor laborers received loans worth VND 1,900 billion as a tool for them to get out of poverty sustainably. Levels of trade unions has promptly grasped situations of labor relationships in enterprises that are facing difficulties in trade and production activities to propagandize, campaign and propose specific solutions of taking care of laborers; reducing rate of collective work stoppages down to 10% compared to previous years.

In 2015, HCMC Trade Union continues focus on taking care of workers, officials and laborers on the occasion of Tet holidays; paying a special attention to those with difficult situations;       establishing workplace trade unions; fostering, training officials of workplace trade unions, training workers; pushing patriotic emulation movements, contributing to implementation of socio-economic, cultural targets of HCMC.

Addressing at the ceremony, Secretary of HCMC’s Party Committee Le Thanh Hai praised initiatives, efforts of trade unions whose contributions are crucial to stability and development of HCMC. Mr. Hai stressed that in the coming time, trade unions need to renew contents and methods of launching patriotic emulation movements to attract more participants and to promote creative labor. At the same time, Trade Unions need to do a better job in taking care, protecting legal rights and legitimate benefits for laborers; improving their standard and their ability to access advance science and technology to better meet increasing demands of trade and production activities.


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