HCMC to praise typical farmers
Thứ hai, 28/11/2016, 03:10 SA
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On October 14, HCMC Farmers’ Association organized a get together to mark 86th anniversary of establishment of Vietnam Farmers’ Association (October 14 1930 – October 14 2016) and to praise typical farmers of the city.

In the last 86 years, HCMC Farmers’ Association and Farmer Class have step by step shown their key roles in the process of construction and development of urban agriculture, hi-tech application, construction of new rural areas, creativity in propaganda activities, mobilization of farmers to participate in transferring structure of agriculture towards urban development that is suitable with production development of the city.

Speaking at the get-together, Mrs. Vo Thi Dung, Deputy Secretary of HCMC Party Committee highly valued role of HCMC Farmers’ Association and Farmer Class in the process of agricultural development and construction of new rural areas, praised 12 typical farmers who have strived to overcome difficulty, to live useful lives for themselves, families and society.

Mrs. Dung suggested Vietnam Farmers’ Union – HCMC to continue strengthening the movement of studying and following the opinions, style and morality of President Ho Chi Minh City; promoting emulation movement of good farmers in production and business operation; implementing the campaign of whole people stand united to build new rural areas and civilized urban areas” attached with 07 breakthrough programs of the city; strengthening propaganda activities on upholding effective models to support production development.
On this occasion, 35 individuals were honored with memorial medals “for Vietnamese peasantry by The Central Administration of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union; 12 good farmers in production and business operation in 3 consecutive years were honored with medals of merit from HCMC People’s Committee.


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