HCMC to experience Japan’s model of turning grey city into green city
Thứ tư, 02/05/2018, 08:35 SA
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On March 23, in a framework of a working visit to Japan, a high-profile delegation of HCMC had a meeting with Mayor of Japan City of Kitakyushu Kenji Kitahashi

At the meeting, Mr. Kenji Kitahashi said the city of Kitakuyshu has carried out many effective environemntal solutions which help the city turn into green from grey city. He affirmed that Kitahuyshu is willing to share its experience in developing green city with other cities.

To HCMC, he expressed his hope to cooperate and apply biological water treatment system named upper counterflow biological contact filter (U-FCF) which is piloted at Tan Hiep Water Plant. This is an  innovative biological technology  without usage of chemicals which is applied at the city of Kitakuyshu. Mr. Kenji Kitahashi also expressed his hope that the coopeation relations between HCMC and Kitakuyshu would be further deepened.

For his part, Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee expressed his delight at witnessing the well-developed Vietnam-Japan comprehensive strategic partnership.




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