HCMC to commend 100 typical Vietnamese minority ethnic women
Thứ ba, 24/05/2016, 08:15 SA
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400 delegates of minority ethnic women participated into the 6th minority ethnic women’s example festival organized by Vietnam Women’s Union of HCMC on April 15. This is a biennial program to honor members of Vietnam Women’s Union of HCMC, typical minority ethnic women whose contributions are essential for gender equality. These women have made ceaseless efforts to overcome difficulties, to present their roles of citizens and to make positive contributions to the construction and development of a modern-civilized-sentimental city with better living quality.

Beside some exciting activities such as introduction of traditional cakes of ethnic groups, cultural and musical exchanging activities, introduction of cultural traditions of ethnic groups, exchanging activities of examples of typical Vietnamese minority ethnic women, etc. Vietnam Women’s Union of HCMC also organized the commendation ceremony for 100 examples of typical Vietnamese minority ethnic women who have made outstanding performances in social activities, building happy family, taking good care of their children and doing successful business.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of Vietnam Women’s Union of HCMC To Thi Bich Chau said activities of taking care of Vietnamese minority ethnic women have created favorable conditions for minority ethnic women to develop family economy, to enrich themselves and to build a prosperous, happy family. Over 400 women are given capital loans from credit and saving programs; 208 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai sponsorships given to minority ethnic women with difficulty situations; construction of house of gratitude, repairing houses for minority ethnic women; providing diagnosis services and medical check for nearly 2000 women; supporting poor households and near poverty households, etc. In 2015 alone, total budget for taking care of minority ethnic women reached VND 2,3 billion, Vietnam Union’s Women at all levels together with HCMC have well fulfilled their social security programs, improving living quality for minority ethnic women.

The festival has created opportunities for minority ethnic women to discuss, exchange and to learn experience from each other, promoting closer relationship between Vietnam Women’s Union of HCMC and minority ethnic women in the city, bringing into play the good tradition of Vietnamese women, preserving and upholding national identities and quintessence of culture, developing Vietnamese culture imbued with advancement and national identity.

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