HCMC strives to reduce poverty rate less than 1%
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:30 SA
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On January 22, HCMC Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs organized 2014 year end summation ceremony and implementation of assignments in 2015. Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Hua Ngoc Thuan attended.

In 2014, HCMC has solved jobs for 295,035 laborers, equal to 109,4% as planned; reducing unemployment rate to 4,67%, exceeding 4,7% as planned; receiving 107,927 cases registered for unemployment (a reduction of 7,908 cases compared to 2013), of whom 99,043 cases received unemployment benefits, (a reduction of 3,479 cases compared to 2013)

HCMC Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs has newly recruited and trained 443,500 students and pupils, supporting vocational training for 2000 poor laborers, 1,090 disabled and 611 ethnic minority youths

HCMC has approved 3,387 dossiers of families under preferential treatment policies; taking care of objects under preferential treatment policies; coordinating with relevant unites to organize longevity wishing ceremonies for the elderly; reducing the rate of children with special situations or at risk of falling into special situations down to 4,16%, exceeding 4,4% as planned; issuing 507,320 free of charge health care insurance cards for children under 6 years old, equal to 97% as planned.

A number of poor households with incomes from VND 16 million or less/person/year at the end of 2014 stayed at 28,400 households, accounting for 1,45% of total households in HCMC; total number of near poor households with incomes of over VND 16 million to under VND 21 million/person/year was 56,862 households, accounting for 2,9% of total households of HCMC.

In 2015, HCMC strives to solve jobs for 265,000 laborers, creating 120,000 new jobs, reducing unemployment rate down to 4,5-4,6%, recruiting and training for 401,100 students and pupils, rate of trained laborers of 72%.

Till end of 2015, HCMC strives to get 20,000-25,000 households out of poverty line, reducing poor household rate down to under 1%; 25,000-30,000 near poor households getting out of near poor line (over VND 21million/person/year), avoiding households falling into poverty again, reducing near-poor household rate down to under 2,5%.



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