HCMC strictly fines traffic violations
Thứ hai, 22/09/2014, 08:30 SA
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The National Committee for Traffic Safety reported at the meeting to review traffic safety task in the first seven month of this year chaired by Vice Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Nguyen Huu Tin on August 20 that since December 10, 2013 to June 15, 2014, traffic police had checked over 9,000 various vehicles and handled 5,200 violations collecting over VND20 billion (US$ 944,287).


Inspectors from the Department of Transport and traffic police said that shortage of camera to record violations as evidence to fine those who encroach lines and run the red light is causing difficulties for wardens.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman Nguyen Huu Tin criticized some organizations which did not strictly implement the city authority’s guideline on traffic order. Though the number of traffic accidents decreased, overloaded and unregistered coaches have not given penalties. 

Mr. Tin said that related agencies and local authorities have concerted efforts in reducing traffic gridlocks and accidents yet, as a result of the number of deaths due to traffic accidents is still high.

Some district authorities are neglected in managing eateries on sidewalks; consequently, rampant vendors encroach pavements which have no space for pedestrians. Mr. Tin ordered district administrators to dress this matter.

Vice Chairman stressed that traffic congestion prevention plan is one of the city’s six major plans; accordingly, these agencies in charge of controlling traffic jams will be punished if the gridlock occurs in the area under their jurisdiction. City authorities are determined in fighting traffic gridlock.

Tin ordered police forces to be stricter in fining violators as well as popularize public information to raise people’s awareness of following traffic regulations.



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