HCMC should prioritize environmentally-friendly garbage treatment projects
Thứ hai, 25/01/2021, 15:23 CH
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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said that Ho Chi Minh City needs to prioritize environmentally-friendly waste treatment projects.

According to the Ministry, more than 9,000 tons of garbage and even around 11,000 tons of litter in Tet holidays are produced from city dwellers’ daily activities a day.
However, recycling treatment technology has just handled around 2,600 tons while the remaining is buried causing pollution and putting pressure on city administrations to find out appropriate land for the construction of a landfill.
Therefore, the Ministry proposed the city to quickly carry out synchronous solutions to improve environment quality effectively. Specifically, the city should put priority on environmentally-friendly garbage treatment projects including advanced technologies to burn waste to produce electricity, and reduce the volume of buried waste.
The Ministry urged the related competent agencies to help investors of approved waste treatment projects using electricity to complete paper formalities and allocate land to build plants.




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