HCMC’s women to study and build happy families
Thứ hai, 28/11/2016, 03:30 SA
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On October 19, the closing session of the 10th Congress of HCMC Women (2016-2021) was organized in HCMC. The voting results of Executive Board of HCMC Women’s Union in term of 2016-2021 were also announced.

A total of 68 delegates were selected to the Executive Board of Vietnam Women’s Union – HCMC in the term of 2016-2021. 21 members of the Standing Committee were voted, of whom Mrs. To Thi Bich Chau was re-elected as Chairwoman of Vietnam Women’s Union – HCMC in 2016-2021; 4 deputy chairwomen include Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, Mrs. Tran Thi Phuong Hoa, Mrs. Do Thi Chanh and Mrs. Lam Thi Ngoc Hoa.

After 2 working days, 100% of delegates unanimously agreed to adopt the Draft Resolution of the Congress in term of 2016-2021.

On behalf of Executive Board of Vietnam Women’s Union-HCMC in term 0f 2016-2021, Mrs. To Thi Binh Chau affirmed responsibility of the Executive Board, saying Vietnam Women’s Union-HCMC at all levels will implement the content of the Congress’s Resolution effectively with the emulation program entitled: “ Vietnamese women positively study, work and build happy families”; promoting the program of following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example; improving quality of female human resource of the city; creating a comprehensive strength to excellently complete the the 10th Congress’s Resolution of HCMC, especially the 7 breakthrough programs and the missions of socio-economic development.


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