HCMC’s leaders always accompany enterprises
Thứ sáu, 28/04/2017, 07:25 SA
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On the morning of March 7, HCMC Party-People’s Council-People’s Committee organized a meeting between the city’s leaders and enterprises in 2017 entitled: “Accompanying and developing with enterprises”.

At the meeting, many proposals were raised by businesses on removing difficulties and creating favorable conditions for them. Specifically, the proposals mainly focus on creating favorable conditions and giving support policies to domestic supermarkets to boost sale volumes; supporting businesses to join the supply chain, building and promoting brand, supporting them to access capital with lower interest rate, etc.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong said the city’s economy faced difficulties and challenges in 2016, however, thanked to common efforts of the whole political system and business community as well, the city has maintained stable growth rate.

The city is integrating deeper and wider into the global economy with opportunities and challenges. It requires changes on quality, efficiency and competitiveness for successfully integration and sustainable development. In the long run, the city will focus on promoting economic development at higher level toward a higher pace in the global value chain. The city’s next development must base on innovation, creativity, intellectual content, advanced technology and high productivity in association with growth in depth and width, of which growth in depth is the key, saying no to exchange environment for economic development.

The city’s main economic activities, in the long run,  include service and creativity which put a focus on building startup eco-system to achieve the goal of 500 000 enterprises by 2020; building HCMC into a smart –technological city with economic corporation listed in top 500 corporations worldwide. This is not only a target and an aspiration of the city’s leaders but also of businesses.

 “The city’s authorities re-affirm our commitments to accompany enterprises, remove difficulties and obstacles for them, and create the most favorable conditions for them. The city consider businesses’ development and prosperity as of its own”, said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong.


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