HCMC Office aims to build e-office
Thứ sáu, 07/04/2017, 02:25 SA
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The purpose of building e-office of HCMC is to strengthen guidance of permanent office of HCMC People’s Committee to related units, this was affirmed by Permanent Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem at the sum-up ceremony of HCMC Office in 2016 and deployment of tasks in 2017

Mr. Liem suggested leaders, officials and personnel of HCMC Office to improve quality of advisory missions, to promptly meet the requirements of HCMC People’s Committee on socio-economic programs in 2017 including 7 breakthrough programs.

Mr. Liem said officials and personnel of HCMC Office need to do a good job in promoting external activities, preparing for receiving international delegations; effectively implementing management process and strengthening anti-corruption programs.

In 2016, HCMC Office have done a good job in advising information processing mechanisms through hotline of HCMC’s leaders; monitoring the process of operation and offering guidance to districts-sectors to timely solve feedbacks through the hotline; organizing periodical meetings with media on policies and decisions of HCMC People’s Committee on guidance of Chairman, Deputy Chairmen of HCMC People’s Committee.
In 2017, HCMC Office will continue implementing its current missions, supporting HCMC People’s Committee to effectively implement State management in all fields; organizing human resource for its affiliated units, applying IT in HCMC Office in 2016-2020 period; coordinating with related departments and agencies to propose amendments of legal documents related to socio-economic-urban-legal issues, external activities, etc. to ensure good implementation of assigned tasks.

On this occasion, 10 individuals were awarded Certificates of Merits due to their good initiatives in 2016.




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