HCMC needs to gradually reopen amid Covid-19 pandemic with strict management
Thứ hai, 06/09/2021, 12:42 CH
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HCMC is seeking measures for the economic activities amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Districts of 7 and Cu Chi have been selected to trial the implementation of returning life in the “new normal" state and learn to live with the virus.

The statement was made by Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen at a meeting with the press on the sidelines of the working session with District 7’s authorities on September 5.
The virus won't go away and the city can not separate all people infected with Covid-19 from those who are not infected as well as continue to extend social distancing rules, but high vaccination rates, knowledge and practice of personal protective measures during the pandemic are necessary and sufficient conditions, he said.
Earlier, the Ministry of Health has encouraged people to follow the 5K message, including Khau trang (face masks), Khu khuan (Disinfection), Khoang cach (Safe distance), Khong tap trung (No gathering) – Khai bao y te (Health declaration). Now the message also includes "Khong khi va moi truong thong thoang" (airy atmosphere and fresh environment), and "Suc khoe the chat va tinh than" (mental and physical health). Especially, the living habits and behavior of residents play an important role, he stressed.
In addition, the city has to improve the healthcare system and implement the dual goals of preventing the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring safety for production and business.
The municipal authorities has delegated functional units including scientists, healthcare professionals, sociologists to study problems relating to environment and the environmental factors associated with infectious diseases.
District 7 has become the first HCMC locality to bring Covid-19 under control. The municipal authorities will give a priority to allocate vaccines to the district and improve the healthcare system to help the locality to ease social distancing step by step.


Regarding to Cu Chi District’s proposal on implementing rapid antigen test to control vehicles and people entering or exiting the locality, he said that Cu Chi wants to protect the district’s green zones where are not affected by the pandemic. However, when the city and southern localities will gradually lift social distancing rules in coming time, the localities must carry out the application of information technology in management of people’s activities.
Plans of the evacuation bringing local residents to the temporary shelters aims to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the number of confirmed cases as well as protect the people’s health have not been taken yet because the city is unable to meet demand.
When the pandemic can be under control, the City Party Chief said that the first thing he wants to do is building social houses for low-income people. If the city has land, issues policies and a call for investment, businesses will participate in the projects.





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