HCMC marks World Population Day
Thứ bảy, 09/08/2014, 07:35 SA
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Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health organized an annual event to mark the World Population Day on July 11.

According to the city’s Bureau of Population and Family Planning (BPFP), the city is entering the so-called period of “golden population structure”. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam to take advantage of a young labor force, accounting for 70 percent of the population.

The city’s human development index is ranked third among 63 cities and provinces across the country. Average life expectancy at birth is 76.2, higher than the country’s average of 73 in the last three years.

However, this golden period also poses a lot of challenges for Vietnam including the size of population, population density and aging population. The size of the population in HCMC is hugest in the country, and the density is 13 times higher than the average leading to the possibility of  the population overload and living environment menace in the future.

The city may face the challenges of an aging population as its birth ratio is low with its fertility rate of 1.48 children per mother. For long term, such low birth rate will badly effect the city’s socioeconomic development.

(Source: SGGP)

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