HCMC looks forward to start city
Thứ hai, 10/08/2015, 07:05 SA
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On July 8, HCMC Department of Information and Communication coordinated with Sao Bac Dau Technologies Corporation to organize a seminar entitled: “HCMC looks forward to smart city”.


Speaking at the seminar, Director of HCMC Department of Information and Communication Le Thai Hy said development of a knowledge economy is now a common trend of many countries in the world and Vietnam is not an exception. Many big cities and provinces have recently shown their special interest in Smart city or intelligent city. HCMC, a special city, a financial –commercial-scientific – technology – training center of Vietnam, is paying even more attention to design and management of a smart city.
Mr. Le Thai Hy said HCMC is looking forwards to building a smart city, of which the city will focus on e-government due to its important role, defining key and prioritized areas such as transport, health, environment and energy. “Our target is to build a smart city, Firstly to serve local people, secondly to create benefits for enterprises and to seek an effective management tool.
Mr. Nguyen Tuan Long, representative of Sao Bac Dau Technologies Corporation, said HCMC is still not a knowledge economy but the city has a foundation for this. He proposed a roadmap to build a smart city in HCMC till 2020. Accordingly, in 2015, HCMC will implement the so-called smart traffic; do a comprehensive survey on demands on components of environment management. In 2016, the city will build a smart environment system for protection forest, rivers, canals and carry out a part of smart traffic (inner city). In 2017, HCMC will perfect connection of traffic, energy, environment and till 2018 the city will improve information technology infrastructure, launching 4G ITE and ISO standards, perfecting sub-systems of traffic, environment and energy. Till 2020, a model of smart city is completed, implementing a sustainable ITS (intelligent traffic system) and a smart environment management.
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