HCMC improves quality of human resources
Thứ ba, 12/06/2018, 03:05 SA
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HCMC People’s Committee has recently launched an action plan on implemenation of program on improving quality of human resource in the period of 2018-2020.






The plan aims to quickly standardize and improve quality of human resources in all sectors; training a high quality workforce for key sectors with high content of technology and added value toward the Industry 4.0; effectively carrying out policies to attract experts, scientists and talents; promoting scientific-technological development; upholding potential and power of human capital; making breakthroughs in socio-economic and cultural development towar a fast and sustainable manner.

The whole political system will focus on standardization of theoretical and political knowledgefor cadres, public servants; building a young team of cardres and public servants; building policies to attract high quality human resource.

In temr of health, it is necesary to build a model of the city’s health system; training and fostering a team of health-care officials and experts; step by step innovating management of health system; building policies to attract high quality human resource for the health sector.

In term of education-training, the city will build its own system of universities and colleges in accordance with ASEAN standards; innovating content, program and methods of training; strengthening cooperation in training; enhancing State management efficiency on education; improving quality of human resource at universities and colleges to meet demand of local and ASEAN labor markets; working out planning on vocational training; evaluating demand of labor market oriented vocational training; building a high quality team of managers and teachers; promoting business connectivity and international cooperation.

In term of culture-arts, sports, the city needs to work out mechanisms and policies to attract talents, upgrading facilities, renewing method and content of training, strengthening socializaiton and international cooperation.

Regarding to team of entrepreneurs, it is essential to evalute the demand and the objects of training activities; renewing programs and method of traning, building a team of enterpreneurs through startup support and innovation policies of HCMC.



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