HCMC forbids officials, public servants from playing Pokémon GO at work
Thứ bảy, 08/10/2016, 07:20 SA
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As per the People’s Committee in Ho Chi MInh City’s document issued on September 1, officials and public servants are not allowed to play Pokemon Go during working hours.

Last time, the municipal Department of Information and Communications has kept an eye on the game and updated all information and management relating to the game. Relevant agencies, media, unions were also asked to increase information of the Ministry of Information and Communications’ warning of the game to the young people in the city.

Before, on August 17, the Ministry sent its dispatch to media asking to issue warning of the game to the young. The Ministry warned of risks for players because Pokemon Go’s servers and the headquarters of the developer are located abroad and the game is not yet licensed in Vietnam, players’ interests cannot be protected by law if disputes arise.

Additionally, the Ministry wanted players to protect their personal data, refrain from storing important and sensitive information on game-playing mobile devices, and avoid installing deceptive game-related apps. Plus,Players may also encounter data theft if they install a fake version of the game which contains malware.

 Finally, the ministry said the player should not play the game when they are traveling in heavy traffic or in dangerous areas such as railways, highways, airports, rivers, lakes, hills and mountains; and staying near or in State-controlled areas, military zones, places of national security importance and restricted zones.

Last but not least, robberies may take place in real life as many players are often distracted by the game.

Pokemon Go was officially launched in Vietnam in August, 2016 and it becomes a fever for players. Local players have quickly become addicted to it; therefore many problems arose form the mobile game including traffic accidents and robberies. In an effort to call for drivers, the Department of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City have run 4 electronic signs that read, “Do not play Pokémon Go while driving,” on some crowded streets.

Before, administrators in the southern province of Dong Nai have required traffic police to penalize those people who play Pokémon Go while driving, following an increasing number of traffic violation cases related to the viral game. 


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