HCMC determines to handle violations of fire fighting and prevention
Chủ nhật, 03/05/2015, 09:45 SA
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Authority will have to determine in handling violations of fire fighting and fire prevention, especially the explosion causing personal and property loss due to irresponsibility, the city Party Committee has noted in its instruction mission in 2015 and next year.


The city Party Committee ordered all sectors, agencies and local governments to increase information to raise people’s awareness of fire fighting and fire prevention in a bid and call for people’s participation in the extinguishing the fire before fire fighters come to the spot.
The city has also studied and multiplied the model of safe ire fighting and prevention in groups of enterprises; residential blocks and streets.

The city Party Committee also instructed district administrators to plan land for building fire fighting and prevention stations in 2015. Accordingly, each district must have one station by 2020 to soon respond to cases. In addition, local government must remove highly risk factories located in residential blocks.

For fire fighter sector, the city Party Committee asked to work out regulation to issue penalties on individuals and organizations and businesses which let the fire happens.

Fire fighting employees must have their ideas on projects of major buildings in the city.



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