HCMC connects three emergency switchboards
Thứ hai, 09/03/2015, 08:40 SA
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Emergency telephone numbers 113, 114, 115 in Ho Chi Minh City have been connected since February 6, announced the Department of Information and Communications.


The three switchboards’ operators will receive calls in each other’s fields including order and security, fire, and ambulance and transfer them to right agencies.
For instance when residents dial 114 to inform pubic order issues, fire department must inform mobile police instead of asking callers to make another call to 113.
When residents dial 113 asking for ambulance service, mobile police will connect with 115 to send ambulances to the scene as soon as possible.
On the same day, HCMC officially functioned telephone number 1022 replacing (08) 39111333 to receive information on urban infrastructures such as fallen trees, road depression, breakdown drainage and public lighting systems, bus quality and others. The new number is easier to remember for residents.

The city also launched number 1087 to receive tourist calls in Vietnamese and English.



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