HCMC celebrates the 35th anniversary of Vietnam Buddhist Shangha (VBS)
Thứ năm, 29/12/2016, 01:15 SA
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On November 5, at Vietnam National Pagoda in District 10, HCMC, Executive Committee of VBS- HCMC organized the 35th anniversary of establishment of VBS (7/11/1981-7/11/2016).

On behalf of HCMC’s leaders, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nang-Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee-HCMC affirmed the great significance of establishment of VBS, saying the founding of VBS presents the earnest desire of domestic and international monks, nuns and Buddhist community to build a common house. VBS also presents the solidarity and an essential development of Vietnam Buddhist history.

After 35 years of establishment with great contributions to the society, VBS has created great significance for harmony between “religion and life”. Mr. Nang expressed his belief that VBS-HCMC would continue accompanying with people, strengthening great national unity, taking care of spiritual and cultural lives for community and devout Buddhists, doing a good job on carrying out movements of the city.

Over the last 35 years, VBS has achieved lots of important achievements. From 27 administrative units, VBS has so far established administrative units at 63 provinces and cities nationwide. There are now nearly 50,000 monks and nuns, 18,000 new pagodas with over 16 million of Buddhists and millions of Buddhist believers. It is likely to say that contributions of VBS at all levels, monks, nuns and Buddhists nationwide in the last 35 years have been presented in many fields of social lives and had great impact on the country’s development.




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