HCMC calls for smart urban development
Thứ ba, 16/10/2018, 08:20 SA
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In the morning of September 15, “Conference on open call for HCMC smart operations center and socio-economic simulation and forecast center” was organized at Meeting Hall of HCMC Party Committee. The conference aims to build HCMC into a smart urban area in the period of 2017-2020 and a vision to 2025.

Attending the conference included Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan, Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong, representatives of Ministries, departments, diplomatic missions, etc.

The conference aims to open call for investment in building smart city operation center and social-economic simulation and forecast center. Besides, the conference also emphasizes the vision and prerequisite principals of the city in building smart city, selecting suitable solutions and technologies to seek investors for the projects.

In his opening speech, Vice Chairman Tran Vinh Tuyen stressed that the target of the smart city project, approved in 2017, is to promote the city’s sustainable economic development, dealing with traffic congestion, flooding, environmental pollution, etc. strengthening interaction ability in construction and development between local authorities and citizens.

To achieve the above target, Mr. Tuyen suggested: the city works out solutions to implement 5 key pillars of the project, constructing a big digital database center; a security company to attract leading experts; 2 centers to support HCMC to operate issues like traffic safety, rescue, social order – security; building a socio-economic simulation and forecast center.

Addressing at the conference, Secretary Nhan said HCMC has issued the smart city development project by end of 2017 in the period of 2017-2025. HCMC is one of the first localities to announce the smart city project right after Vietnam successfully organized the international conference on smart urban development.

“The target of management closely attached with smart city development is to maintain high economic growth and sustainable development, to enhance living standard of local citizens, to provide the best living services, to allow local citizens to take part in the process of management and supervision of local authority”.



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