HCMC businesses strive for on-schedule equitization
Thứ năm, 30/10/2014, 09:45 SA
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Two out of 15 enterprises in the equitization listed this year have successfully launched their Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and the remaining 13 are striving to equitize on schedule, said the Ho Chi Minh City Board of Business Management Innovation.


The two equitized companies include Saigon Cultural Products Company and Tan Hoa Water Supply Company.
The rest 13 companies are striving to complete equitization in 2014 as per instruction by the city People’s Committee, said the board deputy head Huynh Trung Lam.

Besides, another two enterprises have filed documents asking for equitization this year as they have completed all related procedures. They are Phu Tho and Thu Duc Tourist Companies.



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