HCMC Book Street: another address of cultural activities
Thứ ba, 16/02/2016, 10:15 SA
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On January 1, after 3 months of construction, HCMC Book Street was opened and put into operation. Attending the inauguration ceremony include Permanent Deputy Secretary of HCMC Party’s Committee Vo Van Thuong, Chairman of HCMC people’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong and a large group of local people.

Located in Nguyen Van Binh Street, District 1, HCMC, the Book Street is 144m long, offering 5 open spaces with participation of 20 publishers, book-makers nationwide. With 20 booths and 3 kiosks, the book street is a place for introducing, trading and exchanging books, cultural publications. It is also a place for organizing exchange programs and studying the needs of readers. Two coffee shops with books offer a place for organizing reading culture activities and art performances.

The stall area showcases books, magazines and cultural products on specific themes on a monthly basis or on cultural and political activities of HCMC. The focal point of the book street is an area of trading and exchanging books, valuable and rare cultural products, etc. In addition, the book street designs a playground for kids with activities like reading books, storytelling, puzzle, painting, coloring, etc.

The book street is a unique cultural symbol of HCMC, not only does it promotes reading culture but also creates a lifelong learning society. This is a unique cultural space bearing a specific mark of HCMC. The book street has become, from now on, a significant cultural work for a young and dynamic city under a common goal of building HCMC a civilized, modern and sentimental city with better living quality.



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