HCMC begins collection of road maintenance fees on motorcycles
Chủ nhật, 01/02/2015, 08:55 SA
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Ho Chi Minh City People's Council passed a resolution to collect road maintenance fees on motorcycles in the city at the beginning of 2015 at an irregular meeting on December 30.

The people's committees of wards and communes will collect the fees via two ways. Motorcyclists will come to the committee headquarters to submit the fees or the committees will send their officials to resident houses to collect the fee and issue receipts.

Owners of motorcycles except electric motorcycles with registration number plate in HCMC must pay the fees. Those registering their vehicles in other provinces but operating in HCMC can pay the fees in the city if they want. Owners of motorcycles registered in HCMC can also conduct their financial obligation in other provinces.

The toll fee will be VND50,000 for motorcycles with the engine capacity of 100 cubic meters, VND100,000 for 100-175 cubic meter type, and VND150,000 for those exceeding 175 cubic meters.

Police and military forces and poor households as per regulations in HCMC will be exempt from paying the fees.

Deputy Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Nguyen Huu Tin said that parts of the road toll fund will be used for bridge and road maintenance in districts.

Those not paying the fees will face a fine which is 1-3 fold over the fees. Maximum penalty will not exceed VND50 million. Traffic police will remind (not penalize) motorcyclists when they fail to present road fees receipt.

With six million motorcycles, HCMC is expected to collect at least VND300 billion (US$14 million) a year to repair and upgrade roads if applying the minimum collection rate of VND50,000.

The meeting also passed another resolution on toll fee increase at Phu My Bridge. The fee will hike 1.5 times for less than 12 seat automobiles, below two ton trucks, and public buses; 1.35 times for 12-30 seat buses and 2-4 ton trucks, and 1.16 times for buses of from 31 seats and more and 4-10 ton trucks. The toll fee remains unchanged for containers trucks.



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