HCMC allocated VND 41,000 billion for new rural development
Thứ bảy, 24/10/2015, 07:20 SA
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(HCM CITYWEB)- On September 16, HCMC Party’s Committee held a preliminary meeting of 5 years of implementation of the Conclusion No 61 – KL/TW of the Secretariat of the Scheme: “enhancing role and responsibility of Vietnam Farmers Association in agricultural development, new rural area construction and construction of Vietnamese peasantry in the period of 2010-2020”. Attending the meeting include Mr. Nguyen Duy Luong, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmer’s Union, Deputy Chairwoman of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Thi Thu Ha.



Implementation of the Conclusion 61 of the Secretariat and the Decision No 673 of the Prime Minister, HCMC has mobilized the whole political system and social classes to join hand in taking care of social security in rural areas, contributing to development of new rural area. The city has pulled down 2,367 temporary and dilapidated houses in 5 districts with total budget of VND 95.5 billion; allocating VND 41,871.5 billion for new rural development of which VND 20,23 billion comes from the Central budget, VND 9,485.2 billion from the city’s budget and VND 32,366 billion from community.


HCMC has invested in infrastructure projects for agriculture and rural area such as hi-tech agricultural park, Biotechnology center, etc, many water drainage and supply projects to provide clean water for 97% of local people.


In 2010-2014, the city has trained 34,808 laborers of whom 9,774 are agricultural laborers and 25,034 are non-agricultural laborers, number of local people employed after training reached 82,91%, ratio of trained laborers at 56/56 new rural communes reached over 70%.


In the past 5 years, HCMC Farmer’s Association has launched many activities to uphold its role and responsibility in agricultural development, new rural area construction and construction of Vietnamese peasantry. The association has organized 216 training classes on professional skills for 16,000 cadres, admitting 24,395 members, bringing its total membership to 78,190 members.


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha said agriculture, farmers and rural area has a strategic position in the process of modernization, industrialization, construction and national protection. HCMC Farmer’s Association and peasantry of HCMC has step by step carried out their roles in the process of agricultural development and new rural area construction, improving living standard of local people, closing the income gap between urban and rural areas.


Mrs. Ha requested HCMC Farmers Association to focus on implementing targets, missions of the Party Central Committee’s Resolution 7 on agriculture, farmer and rural area; co-coordinating with departments-agencies to issue appropriate policies to increase capital for Farmer Support Fund, etc.





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