HCMC- 5 year action plan of HIV/AIDS
Thứ hai, 14/12/2015, 03:10 SA
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On November 11, HCMC People’s Committee organized a summing up ceremony of 5 years of implementation of its action plan on preventing and fighting HIV/AIDS (2011-2015) and deploying its plan for 2016-2020. Deputy Chairman Hua Ngoc Thuan chaired the ceremony.

In the last 5 years, HCMC has carried out lots of activities in preventing and fighting HIV/AIDS accompanied with implementation of “3 reduction” target program (reduction of crime, drug and prostitution).

In 2011-2015, HCMC has accessed 48,000 drug addicts, 47, 000 female sex workers, 53, 000 gay sex workers. Till now, HCMC has achieved some certain targets: 80-90% of female sex workers using condom, 90% of injection drug users using clean injecting equipment, a high rate of subjects using HIV testing and consulting services.

Till October 2015, HCMC has opened 14 Methadone treatment clinics, 3,000 patients were treated.  The program of mother to child HIV transmission prevention has been implemented at 57 health clinics, reducing rate of HIV transmission down 3%, 90% of pregnant women with HIV receiving HIV prevention treatment, 99, 8% babies of HIV infected mothers receiving prevention treatment after being born.

Mr. Hua Ngoc Thuan affirmed the “war” against HIV/AIDS requires perseverance and synchronous coordination of the whole political system and the dedication of the health staff. In the coming time, he added, HCMC will continuously direct prevention and fight against HIV/AIDS at localities in accordance with targets of the United Nations and the commitment of the Government of Vietnam including: 90% of HIV infected people being aware of their infection statuses, 90% of people diagnosed with HIV receiving treatment by antiviral drugs.

In the period of 2016-2020, HCMC strives to remain the HIV infected rate at 0, 6%, control the newly HIV infected rate below 0, 03% in 2020, normalize HIV/AIDS, provide friendly treatment services, avoid discrimination against HIV/AIDS infected people and minimize the harm of HIV/AIDS.




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