HCM City students ask for more lively history lessons
Thứ sáu, 03/04/2015, 09:30 SA
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School children in Ho Chi Minh City have demanded that authorities make their history lessons more interesting since they need to learn about their country's past.

At the recent annual New Year meeting, more than 150 student representatives told HCM City leaders that they need more practical and interesting classes.

Le Thi Mong Nhu, a seventh grader at Tan Tao Secondary High School in outlying Binh Tan District, told city leaders that she was bored to learn history.

She suggested showing documentaries about events students study in history class so that they are etched in their minds.

Her school does not have enough computers and other facilities and so it takes students a week to access computers for information, she complained.

Other children suggested dramatising historical events and stage plays to enable them to learn better, a model successfully applied for literature lessons.

Nguyen Lam Dong Quang of Le Quy Don School said he wants to learn all about Vietnamese history but there are few museums for him to visit.

"It takes me little time to visit all the museums in this city. I hope the city will have more museums for younger generations to visit and learn about their forefathers' traditions."

Replying to the children, Ma Thanh Cao, director of the HCM City Museum of Fine Art, said though her museum is about art, it also has valuable historical information.

But it only gets children from international schools and not from local schools, she said.

Le Hong Son, director of the Department of Education and Training, admitted it is a challenge to improve history teaching because of financial constraints.

"Some schools in the city organise field trips for their students to museums to learn about their country's history. However, we need money for transport and food. Now the expense is met by students' parents."

Le Thanh Hai, Secretary of the city Party Committee, said he was happy that the children were keen to learn about the country's history.

Besides teaching from books, there should also be documentaries and tours linked with history, and favourable conditions should be created for children to make field trips to learn about the country's history.

He also urged museums to upgrade to create the best conditions for young generations to learn about history.



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