HCM City kindergartens tackle seasonal diseases
Thứ tư, 02/07/2014, 04:30 SA
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Kindergartens in HCM City have taken preventive measures against diseases, especially hand, foot and mouth and dengue, which are heading for their peak season, and measles.

Anh Hong Private Kindergarten in Thu Duc District's Linh Xuan Ward cleans floors and toys with chemical disinfectants like Javel water and chloramine B each week. If the ward health centre announces that the kindergarten is situated in a region facing a risk of disease outbreaks, it will do so twice a week.

The kindergarten teaches kids to wash their hands to prevent diseases including hand, foot and mouth. Each classroom has lavaboes and soap for the children to wash their hands.

Posters explaining the causes of diseases and preventive measures and how to take care of children with diseases are stuck on notice boards.

Teachers ask kids' parents about their health every morning, and children with a high fever or illness are sent back home.

Kids who have not got two shots of measles vaccine are given the shots.

Huong Quynh Family-Based Child Care in Binh Tan District's Binh Tri Dong ward takes similar preventive measures.

Nguyen Van Ty, its owner, said that he has worked closely with the ward preventive health centre.

His teachers report any incidence of dengue or hand, foot and mouth disease to the centre.

Nguyen Huu Hung, deputy head of the city Department of Health, hailed the close co-operation between ward preventive health centres and kindergartens.

This has helped prevent diseases from spreading at schools, he added.

But he said kindergartens should put up more lavaboes and soap to ensure every child washes their hand.



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