Guiding and managing activities of HCMC People’s Committee in August
Thứ sáu, 16/10/2015, 08:45 SA
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(HCM CITYWEB)- In August, HCMC People’s Committee has focused on propagandizing, organizing successfully the 70th anniversary of August Revolution and the 70th National Day, Vietnam police’s 70th traditional day, 10th year of the All people protect National Security Festival with many significant activities such as visits to Vietnam People’s Police units, special TV bridge, inauguration of the 70 founding anniversary of Vietnam People’s Police.

Chairman and Vice Chairmen of HCMC People’s Committee has chaired 177 meetings, receiving delegations of the Central Government with important activities such as: listening to reports of HCMC Tourism Support Center, establishment of Management Board of Investment as an investor of ODA projects, establishment of HCMC supporting industries development center, issuance of management regulations on Nguyen Hue Street and HCMC Monument Park, State’s management on rivers and canals, pilot project of supplying water purification equipments, relocation of factories causing environmental pollution or with high risk of fire, etc. Leaders of HCMC attended the sum-up conference of 10 years of implementing the Decision of Prime Minister on “The All people protect national security Day”, evaluation of the pilot bailiff project in HCMC, sum-up conference of 2014-2015 school year and implementation of key tasks in the year 2015-2016, preliminary conference of 3 years of implementation of Business-Bank Connectivity program, preliminary conference of 6 months of combating drug trade, bringing homeless drug addicts to compulsory rehabilitation centers, etc.

In addition, Chairman and vice Chairmen attended meetings with Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan on program of comprehensive review of people with outstanding contributions to Revolution in HCMC, meetings with monitoring group of National Assembly's Economic Committee, Inspectorate of Ministry of Interior on implementation of provisions of law on management and using of the State’s workforce, online conference with Ministry of Health on 10 years of implementation of Resolution No 46/NQ-TQ of the Politburo on protection, care and improvement of health of people.
Also in August, HCMC People’s Committee has issued 1 directive, 640 administrative decisions, 721 dispatches, 30 reports with some important contents including: directive on strengthening prevention and control of dengue in 2015, report on development program of supporting industries attached with small and medium-sized enterprises in 2015-2020, implementation of youth law in 2007-2014



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