Great work of delegates of HCMC People’s Council
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:29 SA
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On December 6, HCMC People’s Council co-ordinated with HCMC Television to organize the “Listening & Discussing” program in December 2015 themed “Role of delegates of HCMC People’s Council in addressing petitions of voters”. Chairwoman of People’s Council & Deputy Secretary of Party’s Committee Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam chaired the program.

Evaluating on receiving & addressing petitions of voters in HCMC, Mr. Vo Si – Deputy Manager of HCMC Office said from the beginning of the 8th tenure of People’s Council, the office of HCMC People’s Committee has received 1,148 proposals from the People’s Council. Almost of petitions are closely associated with people’s lives, reflecting detailed realities in social lives, pointing out limitations and weaknesses in the State’s management. The ideas of voters aim to perfect and better implement responsibilities of State management agencies. Departments and agencies at all levels have been resolving petitions of voters, 100% of departments-agencies- districts responding to voter’s requests.

Mr. Si added the office of HCMC People’s Committee has respectfully received enthusiastic, frank comments of voters for the development of HCMC. It is likely to say that ideas of voters is an extremely information channel for the city to review its directing and administration activities. He hoped delegates of HCMC People’s Council, Congressmen of HCMC continue supporting HCMC People’s Committee to grasp thoughts, aspirations of voters and to convey to related departments and agencies; strengthening inspection of unsolved petitions; inviting representatives of departments and agencies to attending networking sessions with voters to address the problems of voters’ interest.

Mr. Vu Thanh Luu, Deputy President of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee-HCMC said through coordination between Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee-HCMC and HCMC People’s Council, most delegates have done a good job in representing for voters, maintaining a good contact with leaders and localities, addressing 65%-70% of petitions of voters. Mr. Luu acknowledged some shortcomings and unsolved problems including implementation of planning projects, flooding, resolving activities of complaints of local citizens, etc. He hoped delegates of HCMC People’s Council pay more attention to reminding relevant agencies to timely solve complaints of people.

Mr. Cao Thanh Binh – Office Manager of People’s Aspirations under HCMC People’s Council said since beginning of the 8th term, the Council has received 4.400 petitions of voters, 3,995 petitions were solved by functional organs and localities, the left 405 petitions are under consideration. The Council has received 8.678 written complaints, 100% solved, of which 2695 complaints were sent functional organs, 2.108 complaints were responded at average rate of 77,2%. The rate of complaints being responded increases year by year from 60, 34% (beginning of the 8th term) to 87, 8% till 2015.

Addressing at the closing ceremony, Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam said not until they had become delegates of HCMC People’s Council, did they care and feel empathy with petitions of voters, all delegates paid their attention to petitions of voters since they were still candidates. Since becoming delegates of the council, all of them have shown their responsibilities through laying out many solutions such as Resolution 16 on establishment and management of urban planning, clean water for people, pre-school education, crime prevention, administrative reform and environmental pollution.

Through 19 sessions of HCMC People’s Council, all problems of voters’ concern have been sent and emphasized at 19 sessions, 138 resolutions and thousands of meetings with voters and over 500 surveys of the Council. However, according to Mrs. Tam, there still many unsatisfied issues remaining, saying that these issues will be continuously questioned at the upcoming 20th session. Mrs. Tam suggested leaders of departments, agencies and localities must show their sense of responsibilities in resolving petitions of voters, avoiding delay of addressing petitions.




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