France supports operating public transport system
Chủ nhật, 28/06/2015, 13:20 CH
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The French Development Agency (AFD) would continue to assist HCM City in the public transport system operation, management and exploitation.

This message was delivered by former president of Transport Federation of Lyon Metropolitan Area, Bernard Rivalta, during a meeting with Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the municipal People’s Committee on May 20.

The former president, who was on a visit to the city to participate a training course on management and exploitation of public transport system, appreciated the city’s achievement in developing its public transport system in recent years.

He affirmed that France would provide  the city with documents on operating, managing and exploiting the public transport system and information as HCM City desires.

He highly apppraised the co-operation of AFD with the city, mainly in providing financial assistance for its infrastructure development. He said  AFD would continue its assistance in the areas of solving inundation, supplying water to low-income earners living in areas that are coping with difficulties, and transmitting power between the north and the south.


AFD has provided two credit loans for the  State-owned HCM City Financial Investment Company (HFIC) and is negotiating with HFIC for the third loan. The loan contract is expected to be concluded in June or July.

Chairman Le Hoang Quan `praised  the former president’s support  to HCM City and the close co-operation between the city and the Lyon Metropolitan Area via AFD.



He extended his thanks to the Lyon Metropolitan Area for its  assisting the city to implement the art lighting at architectural works in the downtown, especially the Monument of President Ho Chi Minh, which was recently inaugurated on the occasion of his birthday (May 19, 1890).



He also express his hope the Lyon Metropolitan Area to keep on helping HCM City in its training work.



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